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Australians are huge consumers of electronic equipment, and given the rapid rate of obsolescence of technology there is a real need for a sustainable solution when it comes to computer recycling and general e-waste. Discarding electronic equipment into landfill is not the answer; nor is using overseas countries as “e-waste dumping grounds”.

The APED approach

At APED we are committed to being part of the solution. It is our aim to recycle computers and electronic equipment wherever possible, prolonging the lifespan of valuable materials contained therein, and preventing toxic and hazardous matter in dumped e-waste from leaching into our soil and groundwater.

As well as doing your part for the environment, you will also be protecting your organisation’s security. Simply deleting files and wiping hard drives does not guarantee that the information contained therein can’t be retrieved. At APED we offer peace of mind that your organisation’s proprietary data won’t fall into the wrong hands by destroying hard drives, making retrieval of information impossible.

At APED we will:

Our computer recyclers based in Sydney and Melbourne can take care of all your computer recycling needs, ensuring your organisation’s confidentiality and reducing your carbon footprint.

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